Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lost and Found

They seem to gravitate toward me - these northern breeds. We've rescued another one. In the desperate quest to find our beloved Mandy, who is still missing, I received a call two evenings ago while I was in Michigan from a guy who said he saw my Mandy.

Ecstatic, I called Chris from Michigan to throw the kids in the car at 10:20 at night and track this dog down.

He found her, er, uh...him. Yep, it wasn't Mandy. It was this guy. But he had tags, so, his owners must be looking desperately for him like I was for Mandy.

From Michigan, I phoned the Jefferson County dog warden - more than two hours south from where we live. Sadly, we discovered the owner who licensed him had given this guy to another family. A short call to them revealed they'd given him to yet another family. And that number turned up another dead end, with the person saying they never had a husky.

The reason the first two owners gave for getting rid of him? He ran away too often.

Herein lies the problem with these northern breeds. They're runners, and people often misunderstand their strong drive to run. Even loyal dogs like our Mandy and Foxy who I never thought would run away from us proved me wrong two weeks ago.

I'm guessing his age to be about five. He's taller than standard for a Siberian, with beautiful brown eyes except for one faint blaze of blue at the top of the right one. It looks like a shooting star flying across his eye.

He is extremely good natured and gentle, totally housebroken and good mannered. He doesn't get on furniture, is great with our kids and mostly good with our other dogs (considering we now have three, young intact male huskies roaming around each other. Yes, he is intact).

And he is now looking for a home - only to a person or family who understands this breed. If you are reading this and are interested, please contact me. I've been calling him Sampson, because he is so big and strong, but quiet and regal.

Sampson has become quite comfortable at the ranch

In other news, we were hammered with snow today! I don't need to go to Michigan to train anymore with snow like this!

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