Sunday, January 25, 2009

Updates on Foxy

This photo, taken during fall training two years ago, encapsulates Foxy's spirit: gentle, loyal. It is one of my favorite photos that I've ever taken.

Though I am in Michigan, reports from home are that Foxy is doing very well. She's getting outside unassisted now for bathroom breaks, in good spirits, resting and wagging her tail.

In other news, I'm loving my stay with Joann and Larry Fortier's dogs. They howl outside in the night while I type...

A photoshopped "watercolor" rendition of Star howling
There always seems to be a visitor here: today, Merlin and Anne Coy stopped by to have a look at some of the dogs. We had a nice chat for awhile - always welcome up here!
So far, my biggest challenge has been keeping the giant wood boiler outside fed! I overslept this morning and spent the better part of today trying to get the wood boiler fed enough to raise the thermostat inside the house! Yikes!
Here is a video of Joann's smokin' hot team taking off at the Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog Race a few weeks ago. She ran the 8 dog pro and came in 3rd! To see where she's at currently in the mid-distance Beargrease race, click here

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