Saturday, January 24, 2009

Give a Howl!

Tak gives a howl

I am at the home of Joann and Larry Fortier, Coyote Run Racing Sled Dog Kennels, while they are in Minnesota awaiting the start of the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon. Joann will compete in the mid-distance category, which is still 150 miles with eight dogs. Give a howl out to Joann! She likes her sleep and her biggest concern was the lack of sleep she's going to get in the next couple days! She was also fighting some respiratory flu bug - not the kind of thing you want to go into a checkpoint race with!

The Fortier's dogs are smaller in stature and high energy! They have been in dogs for nine years, building their kennel through selective breeding and exceptional dog care. They live in Gaylord, Mich. Check out some of their dogs along with their racing stats, here. A couple are pictured below. I have never had a difficult time shooting portraits of sled dogs -- it's kinda what I do. But these dogs never seem to stand still! it's been challenging getting any good portraits of them!

"Smarty" from Coyote Run Racing Sled Dog Kennel

Fuzzy tree

But the landscape here always stands still and is always breathtaking in winter.

Mancelona Road

Ice fishing

Pumpkin looks cute for the camera

Finally, yesterday while I was doing kennel chores, Mike and Cathy Murphy stopped by with their little pup, Pumpkin. It was nice to have a puppy fix! Thanks for bringing her, guys!

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