Saturday, March 21, 2009

The days in between


This happens every year at this time. Days start getting warmer. People rejoice at daylight savings time and vernal equinox. But the dogs and I mope at the rise in temperature, panting in the muddy spring thaw, dirty and bored. It gets warmer - half of this week it was in the low 70's here. Everything we've looked forward to for six months is done.


These are what I call the days in between: too hot to run dogs, but still too cool to drag the kayak into the water.

During this time, I resume training at the gym, making the daily, regimented trek to the track, where I run in circles for over an hour around a neatly-lined lane. I chalk up over five miles. It keeps me sane. But even this is boring.

During this time, I also spend a lot of time reconvening with nature in a more relaxed way. The pace slows down.

I reconnect with my family. And I am grateful for them - realize how much I have missed them during the hectic winter season.

One look in my closet reveals how much I've missed my "professional" clothes too. My sweatshirts now have frequent flier miles, my mud boots, an "easy pass."

This week, I literally dusted off a few blazers and pairs of pumps to attend a couple important events - one in particular for the Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce, one of my clients. Rubbing elbows with this town's elite isn't something I typically do. Drinking chardonnay at a VIP reception, I felt out of place, but simultaneously fascinated.

At the end of the day, I'm still that sweatshirt-and-jeans kinda girl.

Tomorrow, I'll be attending my kind of soirée: running dogs in the early, crisp the mud, with my mud boots on at Jim and Lori Wellert's.

Stay tuned...and keep your tail up.

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