Friday, March 27, 2009

For Today

Today, I awoke to a message from a friend. It said, "Just for today, I will dismiss my negative judgements of others, instead concentrate on appreciating the wonderful nature of all."

This is certainly difficult sometimes, isn't it? We think we know. We truly believe that our advice or criticisms or judgements about someone else are earnest and for their own good. We are wrapped in our own heads so much that we think we know things enough to pass judgements. We may be wrapped in our negativity so much that it clouds our thinking, skews our view. We forget that our judgements usually do no good - that there is only one judge.

And, it's hard to not retaliate when we feel misjudged. And fact it, we are always judged by someone or thing: creditors, employers, family, coworkers, by things...mere things like the car we drive, the clothes we wear, or the language we speak.

I had the pleasure of viewing an amazing slideshow of photographs last night that celebrate the diversity of our country and its people. The link to this site is here

I admire so much the work of these photographers, especially David Eustace and Richard Renaldi

Take a minute and watch the slideshows (linked to the photographer's name).

For today, do not pass negative judgement on others. Celebrate.

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