Sunday, March 1, 2009

Photos from the sidelines

It's hard when you're the photographer, but then you're the one on the runners.

I stood on the sidelines until the wee hours for both the U.P. 200 and the Midnight Run snapping photos of teams as they passed by through the night.

So when it was my turn to race Saturday morning, I had resigned myself to the fact that there would be no photos of my team. This is the problem when you're the photographer: no pics of yourself typically.

But then, I saw a man along the sidelines as I was coming into town along the shoreway of Lake Superior....and, could it be, he was snapping pictures of teams! I yelled out, "hey, look me up and send me a copy would you," thinking I'd probably never see that photo.

Today, I received an email from that man! He writes:

"Dear Mrs. Miller,

I am trying to find who wore bib #13 at the Jackpine 30 this past weekend in the UP. I had taken a photo of the musher as she was crossing a bridge near the finish line and she had asked me to forward her a copy of that pic. I believe the person was you ... Congratulations on the race and I look forward to seeing you and your brethren (I don’t think “sistren” is a word, but you know what I mean!) at next years events!

A fan of mushing,
Aladino Mandoli"

And here is the awesome photo Aladino took.

Look how the leaders, Star and Tefa, are in perfect stride together!

Thank you so much to my new friend Aladino, aka "Dino"

Here is his web site with a gallery of more of his impressive work.

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