Thursday, April 30, 2009

Missing Michigan

I’m at work, listening to Sufjan Stevens’ "Come on! Feel the Illinoise!" album on my ipod when it hits me. Despite the sound of the copy machine and sitting in my cubicle writing press releases, I am missing Michigan. Not only that, I'm missing training and winter.

County Road 500

I'm immediately transported to the winding two-lane highway of M-123. I am driving toward Tahquamenon Falls, through the tiny town of Paradise, to Whitefish Point, where it’s always fairly cold, even in July. I hear the waves lapping the edge of the coast of Lake Superior (summer), or, in winter, I hear the sounds of dogs, smell the cold chill on my nose, the friends I’ve made there and their hospitable kindness.

Our good friend Jan Shaw with Sophie

"Tug Party" - last season, making tug lines at Sled Dog Lodge

Talking Dog during a Seney 300 checkpoint at Al Hardman's cabin

I miss the snow, riding the sled through the hardwood trees. I miss simple pleasures.

I am sad and lonely for Michigan. My spirit calls to me to go north, where it’s slower, colder, friendlier. I need a campfire, a beer and hours of dog talk!

To all of my Michigan friends, I can't wait to talk dog with you soon! Until then, listen to some Sufjan Stevens that reminds me of driving on M-123 and makes me miss you.

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