Monday, April 20, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays...

Like Karen Carpenter said, rainy days and mondays always seem to get me down. Weekends are never quite long enough. Monday finds me back in my suit, heading downtown, leaving my dogs.

But when five o'clock comes, nothing makes me happier than trading in that suit for Carharts and heading outside with my dogs - even on rainy mondays. No matter what the weather, dogs are always happy, and they always make me happy.

They love these cool, rainy days! They splash in puddles and are covered in mud. They make me laugh.

Others may look at my life and criticize me as a "simpleton" for living close to the earth. They may look down their noses at me because I choose to share my life with eight dogs. They may think it strange.

But my dogs are always happy to see me. Even on rainy days and mondays. And I am always happy to see them.

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