Friday, June 26, 2009

Things that start with "G" - Gerbera Daisies, Great Blue Heron, and Green Tomatoes

I am floating way back in the thicket on my kayak, fishing pole hanging off the end, toes dangling out either side.

I have a bottle of water, two cameras, a headlamp, and a pocket knife, just in case.

I hear a bull frog and hundreds of songbirds singing a last jovial refrain. I heard something rustling the underbrush; suddenly a small raccoon appears, trying to touch a deflated helium balloon lying next to the water.

Tiny bugs make zig zags across the water as a Great Blue Heron darts in with a splash, head under and out in two seconds.

The fish has no idea what hit him before he slides down the smooth muscle of the heron's throat in one swift gulp. A fish jumps. The sun sets, and a tired old moon makes her way over the horizon, sullen and sad-faced. Resurrected.

Other images from tonight:

Gerbera Daisy

Fruits of my labor ripening

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