Sunday, January 31, 2010

People come and go, but my dogs are always a constant

Today was a gorgeous day for a run.

The puppies now have teeth and are four weeks old, ergo, the demand for kibble is increasing!

Puppy socialization: Bolt attempting to befriend Stripes

My days are full of all things dog: runs for meat, kibble, straw, running dogs, which got me thinking about how much we provide for each other.

Yes, I provide for my dogs, but they provide for me as well.

People come and go, but my dogs are always a constant.

Chris and Lucy

People come into each other's lives for various reasons. The Japanese poet Royokan said "We come and go, leaving traces so faint, hardly a soul notices."

Many people have come and gone, for whatever reason, in my life; some I miss. Some, not so much.

But dogs - my dogs - I know I can count on. They are my family.

My kennel might be small, but it is growing.

Kerouac will be a permanent member of the Lazy Husky pack

I have trained every one of my current racing dogs myself, most from puppihood. I know them and they know me - better than most people do. Most mushers say it's not lucrative to raise puppies - that it's more economical to buy proven adult race dogs.

Not me. There is nothing like hand raising a racing dog from "scratch." Teaching it all it needs to know, your ways, your voice.

When I come into the whelping room, all the puppies look up. They already know my voice

Yeti is a prime case in point. I got him as a four month old, awkward pup, super shy and scared. I harness broke him, and he's now running as my full-time leader. At two years old.

I am already looking so forward to fall training and harness breaking Gwennie and Yeti's phenomenal puppies. Fall training is my favorite time of year, when everything is a clean slate, and hopeful for the upcoming season.

And to those people who have come and gone, I say, "Happy Trails."

Elise and Bolt celebrate the puppies four week birthday

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