Sunday, November 18, 2007

Brie (left) and Newt (right) wondering how they ended up with me


Today was one of those days when I wondered: why dogs? Why THIS sport? Had a horrible tangle of a run today and if it weren't for my charm and good looks (JOKE) I would have gotten a ticket from a park ranger.

I guess what I'm learning is you take the good with the bad in this business of running dogs. Yesterday was great and I was flying high; today I came home and shed a couple of tears in frustration! Brie and Newt have absolutely no clue what "gee" and "haw" mean. Poor Mandy and Jack. I finally ended up just completely unhooking them because I was worried they were going to get hurt from the cable line. Enter Park Ranger. Two wild looking huskies running free, the other two in a hopelessly tangled mess, and me begging forgiveness. Luckily, he was nice.

I'm learning accidental breedings, tangles, mishaps, torn ears: they all happen, and sometimes it's all in a day.


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