Friday, November 30, 2007

Baby, I'm ready to go!

The dogs' training season is in full swing now, which is sometimes difficult with two kids and working full-time. But we've managed to get in about 20 miles this week.

All this running makes for hungry doggies! So I've upped their calories by feeding them my own concoction of doggy stew - which they love! It's boiled white rice and chicken livers mixed with about 10 cups of kibble and warm water. On Thanksgiving they enjoyed turkey meat and gizzards. They're living large.
After a wonderfully crisp late afternoon/evening six mile run tonight at West Branch State Park, the dogs especially enjoy their doggy stew. Above is a picture of them chowing as the sun sets.
The first race is January 5, a 19 miler. I leave for the UP on the 26th with Brie, Mandy, and Jack and maybe Foxy. There's a foot of snow up north already I hear. I can't wait! Baby, I'm ready to go! It will be the best Christmas present ever!

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