Friday, December 14, 2007

Torn pads and ice formations

After a mildly frustrating run of only five miles today, I noticed Mandy was limping as I unhooked the dogs. When we returned home, I checked her foot pads out to find all four of them torn! No wonder she kept looking back at me and was slacking on her line! This is an issue running dogs on the damp concrete for miles. Their pads become soft and tear easily. I felt so bad when we got home. She's now curled up on the couch with Bag Balm on her pads, which I massaged shortly after returning. And here I was thinking about all the miles we would be able to accumulate training in the next few weeks!

Tonight was the first night in a long time that I ran dogs and didn't take my camera, and of course, there was a stunning scene on Mogadore Reservoir where I run. A shallow portion of the reservoir had frozen, and a thin sheet of ice, cracked and hollow-looking, floated on the surface like a dark mirror. The splinters within the ice formed a sort of shattered circular pattern and then apparently refroze, and a frost formed over the circular pattern -- an ice sculpture to rival any artist's work. I cursed myself for my carelessness of not bringing my camera; unfortunately, you have to rely on my words to create the picture.

Less than two weeks before I leave for the U.P.

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