Sunday, November 23, 2008

Back in Ohio, and Thrilled to Find SNOW!

CR 500 on the way out of Sled Dog Lodge yesterday. We're talking snow by the feet!

loaded up and headed for home

To my surprise, we have enough snow in NE Ohio to run on, so I took five dogs today, along with my girls, Sophie and Elise, and hooked up on the bridle trail at West Branch State Park where I run. We had a beautiful day for a hook up, and the dogs enjoyed pulling the girls in the basket.

Elise telling the dogs to 'line out'

Foxy, who will be 13 in about a month, is fully retired but still loves to join us for the runs. We let her run along side the sled. She's still in fantastic shape!

Alas, mushers' hands are never clean. This picture (below) was taken after scrubbing my hands. At this point, my hands are so calloused and beat up, I am losing feeling in them. Sadly, Chris has softer hands than I do!

I think I need a manicure!


  1. Love the hand picture! That reminds me also that my hands also have a perma-dog smell this time of year that doesn't wash off till spring. Ahhhh, the love of being a musher!!

  2. Yep - Jan says only mushers have to wash their hands before using the bathroom!


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