Monday, November 17, 2008

First Good Snow

Nine happy dogs!

...and one bundled up me!

Today, after some issues getting out of the yard (again) me and nine of my buddies charged out of the yard for a fourteen mile run. We were celebrating the first good snow. And boy were the dogs full of piss and vinegar!

After feeding this morning, all of the dogs started howling as they always do after feeding. It's like their way of saying "thank you." I turned around, put my own nose to the air and howled with them...only, their reaction wasn't encouraging. They all stopped howling abruptly and stared at me, then started barking the short, quick barks they do when something is amiss. It was hilarious. Apparently humans are not supposed to howl.

Then, after our run, I sat down to cuddle with Sparrow, one of my favorite little dogs in the yard. She layed down on the soft straw beside her barrel, and I layed down with her. Once again, this odd human behavior prompted much alarm from the dogs in the yard, who started barking those same short, quick barks. Except for my own dogs. They're used to such oddities.

The wind is blowing hard up here tonight as the first real snowy cold weather sets in. Temperature outside is 25 degrees and dropping. I sit by the wood stove drinking tea.

It is always after the first week up here that I start to really miss my family. I am missing them tonight.

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