Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Who Said the Weather Outside is Frightful?

I can think of nothing that fills my heart with joy like this scene above.

The snow is almost up to my knees up here in Paradise, Michigan, and the dogs had a hard time slogging through it to break trail today. I think tomorrow we will take the snowmobiles out to break some trail the "easy" way - easier for the dogs and the musher!

And the snow just keeps falling...

Friends of mine in Alaska say they have no snow. Tonight, I went outside to look at the millions of stars in the U.P. sky, and the snow was up to my knees. Tomorrow, Jim and I are taking every dog in the yard out for a 15 mile run over to the Shaws kennel and back - for a 30 mile run.

Miles are exactly what I - and my dogs - need.

Mush on...

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