Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Day Off

Snow fell steadily today, covering everything in a beautiful blanket of white

Jack perched on his house, waiting...

Paradise Weather

Light Snow
Feels Like:27°
Barometer:29.83 in and rising
Visibility:7 mi
Wind:NW 5 mph
Sunrise:7:45 am
Sunset:5:04 pm
27°High: 33° Low: 25°

Tonight: Snow, High 33° Low 25°

Tomorrow: Snow & Snow Showers, High: 30° Low: 22°

Tuesday: Snow showers, High: 31° Low: 26°

Wednesday: Snow showers, High: 33° Low: 27°

Thursday: Snow showers, High: 29° Low: 16°

The dogs and I reluctantly took the day off after strong words of caution from Bob Shaw and Jim Warren regarding running during opening weekend of hunting season. We made the best of it. All the dogs received a flake of straw since the temperatures are dropping and snow is falling steadily. With the sight of the straw, the dogs acted like kids on Christmas morning. Then, I took a drive into Paradise to look out over Lake Superior. Can't wait to hook up again tomorrow...

Lake Superior by Whitefish Point

Driving along Route 123 to Whitefish Point

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