Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Eighteen Miles and Enough Snow to Bring the Sleds Out

Yeti and Mandy

Patches Scratches

and scratches....

Patches is a little bit OCD

Eighteen miles today and the dogs still bark for more. Good training run today and enough snow to bring the sleds out. The dogs are happy as can be.

Crazy things happen when you hook 10 dogs to a line. Jim and I were talking just now and I said it's like trying to hook 10 very strong, meat-eating, high octane preschoolers to a line and expecting them to behave. I said to Jim,

"I wonder what goes through their minds?"

Jim just shakes his head, "don't wonder too long," he says.

So far, so good. I found my way down a very narrow, steep trail today and had to turn around. I ended up tying the team off to a tree, turned the quad around, brought each dog up to the quad and rehooked everyone one by one. Then we were off again.

Tomorrow, I'm hooking up with the sled for the first time. It will be good to get my "sled legs" back.

Until tomorrow...

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