Monday, October 5, 2009

Gettin down to bidness!

My fur kids have been training. And we are all so happy to be back on the trail.

We are only doing about five miles at this point, but have some big things planned for the upcoming season. By the first week of January, we will hopefully have traveled some 600 miles to prepare for the first of at least two professional races: the Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog Classic 8-dog class.

Unfortunately, Jack, my only Siberian, will not be racing. He is so stubborn! He's going into his third consecutive year of running and training and has hundreds of miles under his belt. However, if it's not his idea to take a command, he will not do it. He is only good for shorter distances anyway. He will be running with Sophie in her two-dog race, also at Tahquamenon, in January.

Here are more pictures from today's beautiful run.

Gwennie being silly hiding under Jack. She loves her siberian playmate

Jack and Gwennie again

Ruffian (left) and Big Brown resting along the trail. They are yearlings and only have about a half dozen hook ups under their belt so far this season. They are doing great, however.

My fur kids

Contentment: Big Brown sleeps on Yeti's belly on the ride home. I have yet to put my dog boxes on the truck bed, so the huskies have the luxury of riding in the cab with me. What a sight: rolling down the highway with five husky heads sticking out of various truck windows!

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  1. Can I have a Gwennie/Jack pup some day?
    Grrrrrrrreat shots! So happy to hear everyone's enjoying training and doing what they're born to do!


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