Sunday, October 18, 2009

October is best

October really is the best month. It appeals to all the senses so shamelessly. The smells of falling leaves and wood stoves, the colors screaming for attention in vivid contrast against a blue sky, the taste of pumpkin and nutmeg and cinnamon, the cool temperatures and fuzzy warm clothes, and the my case, of screaming dogs.

Fall is also a great time to support your local farmer.

Sophie hangin' in the spooky graveyard of Dussell Farm's pumpkin patch

After two days of running dogs, today was a great day to take a break and enjoy fall. I worked on resealing and painting the dog boxes and getting propane for the camper for my departure to the great north woods on Wednesday. Then we took the girls to Dussell Farms for some good old fashioned, cider-drinkin', kettle-corn-eatin' fall fun.

Elise playing in pumpkin guts!

Today reminded me of a poem I wrote when I was a sophomore in college. I wanted to post it here. Hope you enjoy it and are celebrating the wonders of fall.

The Progression of Autumnal Equinox

It is the "x" that stands out, as sure and spirited
as a red tailed hawk. It is horse riding in
October, the strong animal full-throttle between
the legs of a Libra. It is crow-call and hardening
Earth; it is the last refrain before a flush of
tired leaves give in to their vivid death.

It is roaming into obscure places to meet
Eve of All Hallow. It is tires kicking up leaves,
and smiling silently at their weightless succession
as they fall and scatter behind a girl in a black car.
It is the smell of wood burning stoves
filling noses cold from the days that chill,

that chill. It is an amber hue that glorifies death,
and covers the hills that surround my home.
It is an ancient Celtic whim,
an impetuousness that lands in a series of words
in three stanzas.

(C) Shannon Mugrage Miller, 1994

The Lazy Husky Ranch's fall mascot, done by yours truly

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  1. Finding your site was a pleasant accident. Your poem is wonderful.


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