Friday, December 11, 2009

Cold, dog training, the mayor, and the blimp!

It seems like all of the U.S. got dumped on with snow in the last week, except here. Friends in Michigan got 30 inches. Even places that never get much snow, like Iowa, received record amounts. But here, I'm still running miles on the clankity cart!

A slight dusting of snow is all we received of the big storm that swept across the western U.S.

The dogs are roaring to go, and we're eating up miles, though I can't wait until those miles are via dogsled.

The last few days have been extraordinary: clear and cold, with blue skies in the day and starry nights.

Cold temps are all we received of the storms that swept across the U.S.

By the lake where I train, it has been especially cold, with wind chills of about negative 5 degrees.

The frigid temps made me break out the trans-Alaskan anorak!

Stay tuned, however, because next weekend, I will head north in search of snow!


In other news, I shot Leadership Akron's holiday party this week and got to chat with Akron's mayor, Don Plusquelic.

Mayor Don Plusquelic (center) chats with members of Leadership Akron

Over 9,000 pounds of food was donated at the event for the Greater Akron Foodbank! It's so wonderful to see the generosity of neighbors during a time of hardship for so many.

A salmon spread at Leadership Akron's holiday party was the subject of much discussion!

And now for the really big news! Chris and I have been working with a wonderful group of actors and film makers in Akron. Chris put his writing talents to work and teamed up with his long-time friend and actor/cinematographer, Chris (Blue) Green and actor/director, Todd Volkmer (affectionately known as simply Todd V.) to make a "mocumentary" film of the history of Akron. The film was submitted to the Akron Art Museum's "New History of Akron" contest...and we found out Thursday night during the showing that it not only won first place, it also won the "audience choice award." It was a proud moment for everyone!

If you would like to see the five minute mocumentary entitled BLIMP: Our Blemished Past click the link below.

In all, it was a good week!

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