Sunday, December 20, 2009

We clean up nicely, doncha think? :-)

Yesterday found me back on the runners. With Joann leading on the snow machine, I drove dogs 22 miles through the beautiful winding trails along the Manistee River. My dogs did awesome and came in with happy tails and smiles in 125 minutes.

After a day of running dogs, Larry, Joann and I peeled off our stinky dog clothes and cleaned up to go out.

Larry and Joann

Joann gives a thumbs up to a night out!

Mexican food and margaritas at La Senorita hit the spot, then it was off to see Joann and Larry's friend's band play at the Otsego Lodge.

It turned out there were snowboard, ski and snow machine competitions going on all weekend long at the lodge. I snuck outside to watch skiers ride "kinked rails" on the slopes.

And laughed at the name of this slope....

I had to take a picture of this!

By 9 o'clock, however, we were all yawning. So we went home and did what mushers do on a Saturday night: made tug lines and neck lines!

Joann made an entire new gangline for the A team

I am heading back down to Ohio early Monday morning, and I hear there is barely a dusting of snow at home. I leave, as always, with a heavy heart. But I'll be back in just a few short weeks!

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  1. Sounds like a relaxing time. Well earned with all the work and training you have been doing.


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