Friday, May 28, 2010

Carry it around

I am watching the sun drop into the water, and every second the picture changes.

My senses are bombarded: fragrant smells of new life, earthy smells of woods, damp smells of the water. I float into a small thicket to find two spiders on a web engaged in what appears to me to be a squabble. But that's just my uneducated guess. I know nothing about the lives of spiders.

Alone bobbing in my little kayak on this expanse of water, I am reminded of how small I am. To the universe, I am just like those spiders: tiny, caught up in the mundane exchanges of daily life.

Little waves rock me, and I move with them. Little birds fly and sing a joyous evening song, grateful for another day here.

I sit in my boat, watching fish jump, watching time literally drop away like an orange ball into the water.

Once again, I feel safer, more at peace here than anywhere else on earth. A breeze of the perfect temperature caresses my face. A plane flies through the sky, a long trail of white cutting across the wispy clouds.

Frogs serenade. A beaver swims by without noticing. The beauty in this moment is dizzying - and yet I realize if I stop to write about it, it is gone.

Maybe I write about moments like these and shoot them on film in a futile effort to try to preserve them, keep them.

How silly.

All I've captured are symbols on a page and various images of reflected light.

But maybe I can leave here and carry this peace around. And maybe, in putting it out there for others to enjoy, I can spread joy and love and peace. Just maybe.


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  1. No maybe about it. I know the peace of which you speak. The sheer joy of remembering how we are not separate from the rhythms of Mother Earth. We are her creatures and meant to experience her joy, her peace. I sometimes wonder if more people had such moments as you beautifully described and illustrated, would we have more peace?


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