Thursday, May 13, 2010


"A sister is both your mirror - and your opposite."
Elizabeth Fishel

My girls almost had the same birthday. It's a story we talk about every year at this time. Induced two weeks early after having complications toward the end of my pregnancy, strong-willed Elise decided she did not want to share a birthday with her sister. So, instead of coming on May 19 like her sister, she waited 21 hours despite torturous rigors on me, and declared her birthday May 20, 2004.

Sophie, however, was a breeze. I expected the worst from my first childbirth experience. But Sophie decided to enter the world three weeks early, and in only six hours. She's always been earthy and gentle.

Sophie tucks a buttercup behind her ear on a recent hike

In so many ways, the are opposite each other.

Elise is fearless, boisterous, rambunctious and usually disheveled. And a bit showy.

Elise belting it out American Idol-style in the backyard

Sophie is a compassionate, sensitive, artsy tom-boy.

This year, they will get an extra special treat for their birthday. Stay tuned to find out what :)


  1. Just think how boring it would be if they were exactly the same.

    Very beautiful young ladies.

  2. I REALLY want to meet your girls. I just know they'd be a blast to hang out with! Such a beautiful post.


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