Monday, July 26, 2010

Diamond Dogs House Warming

To finally celebrate this dream come true, I had planned a long-awaited house warming party at the new ranch.

I never dreamed it would be 94 degrees! With those temps, I certainly didn't need the house to be any warmer.

I actually contemplated canceling the shin dig. With the humidity, the temps were expected to soar into the high 90's; and thunderstorms were expected, complete with a flood warning.

Ah, but what's a little bad weather among friends, and mushers, no doubt! Like any good musher, we marched forward despite adversity.

The new ranch: where kids and dogs are happy and free!

And rain it did. A downpour.

But as the sun set in a smear of pink on the horizon, the sky opened up, revealing the splendor of what lied within.

The Big Dipper

There were little girls singing karaoke on the back deck until the wee hours...

And, oh yes! There was a bonfire, despite the earlier rains!

There was music and there was poetry...

There was good food, good friends and good beer.

My favorite beer in the whole world, Fat Tire cannot be purchased anywhere in Ohio. My best friend, Kim, sent it as a most wonderful house warming gift!

There were even cats!

Decorated mouse and mole killing hero, Boy, sits in a field, taking a reprieve from his hard job to enjoy the revelry

And lazy Stripes sleep on her head. Can this possibly be comfortable?

In the morning, there were blue skies, and three birds heading west.

And the most special gift from my good friend Amanda: this beautiful photo frame.

I am blessed with such company, and the birth and realization of such a beautiful and fantastic dream. The beauty here is unexplainable, but more than that, the beauty of such friends warms my heart and has definitely warmed this house.

Namaste, and thank you to everyone who made it out to celebrate with us, and all those who are far away who couldn't make it. You are in my thoughts.

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