Friday, July 16, 2010

Love list continued...

It was harder than I thought it would be to shut the door to our old house for the final time.

Our old address

But the beauty at the new homestead overshadows any sentimentality I could feel for the old ranch.

New loves at the new ranch, part 2: love # 493

The sunsets at the new ranch are, pardon the cliche, absolutely amazing. Stunning, really. They linger on and on, well past 9 p.m. One night at 10:30, I could still see a sliver of pink on the horizon from the setting sun.

There is so much beauty here, I really do feel like the luckiest girl alive.

Can you spot the fireflies in this photo?

Slowly, box by box, things have started coming together here. I have been so busy doing projects, unpacking and settling, I have hardly picked up my cameras or sat down at my computer.

Foxy making herself at home in front of the french doors

We have celebrated a little.

Apropos, "Doghouse" Merlot given to us as a housewarming gift from my best friend, Kim, went down smoothly after doing so much work.

But the last few days, I've forced myself to slow down, pick up my camera and document some of the beauty here.

Love #494: "Z barn"

I just love our barn. It has so much character and beauty. If the walls could talk!

Love #495: the loft of the barn

Love #496: waving to local people while driving past them on country roads

Love #497: driving fast up and down the hills of those country roads so it tickles your belly like a rollercoaster

The list goes on and on.

Oh, and love #498: watching my kids get creative entertaining themselves:

Sophie painted Elise's face like a "cat"

Sophie painted her face like a "dog"


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  1. Absolutely stunning, Shannon! I am SO glad you picked up your camera again. The sunsets! The fireflies!!! The barn! And that shot of Elise is spectacular--I can't get over the beautiful lighting, and the expression on her face is amazing! You've got an award-winner here. You've got to submit that shot somewhere!!!


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