Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chow hounds

Field of puppies, with Lucy in the center

Given that this is the first litter at the ranch, I wasn't really sure when to introduce food other than what was presented to the pups from their mama. I figured they would let me know.

When they were just two weeks old, I was holding Kerouac while mixing up some food for his mother, Gwennie, when he made it clear it was time. At least he was ready. He stuffed his face right down into Gwennie's food, practically inhaling it. So I decided to introduce the pups to some Eukanuba canned puppy food...

The following video is what ensued.

As I type, Lucy is sprawled on my lap, content after eating her "40" - 40 ml of formula, that is. She looks like a normal puppy now.

Lucy the Luck Dragon after eating her "40"

This morning when I went out to the whelping room to feed and clean up, eight tails swarmed me, wagging happily. So much love and puppy breath.

It's hard to believe they are almost four weeks old.

Lucy (left) and T.S. (center) lay with Sophie after school. Notice how much smaller Lucy is. Also notice that big pink belly of hers!

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  1. Oh what a lovely video! I work in Consumer Relations for Eukanuba, and I'm thrilled to see your puppies chowin' down! I'd forgotten how puppies tend to wear what they eat. They're so adorable in your photos! I would love to be able to mention your blog on my blog ( that be OK?


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