Sunday, January 3, 2010

"Birth is but a sleep and a forgetting" William Wordsworth

Our new little family. Pup 1 is in front

Day 2 at the ranch. All our hearts are softened by this beautiful litter of puppies! All are doing well, and amazingly, all eight are fairly large and seem very healthy. They have hearty appetites. And they are all so beautiful!

They will be named after writers. What else can a girl with a masters in writing name her first litter of pups?!

Pup #5, one of two males, is "Kerouac"

The big red one on top of Gwennie is "Emma" after Red Emma, the Russian writer

They are truly amazing to watch. They climb on top of Gwennie. They whine. They even perk up their little ears to listen to sounds only 24 hours after taking their first breath.

This little girl is "Annie" after favorite author Annie Dillard

Today, more snow fell and Sophie and I headed out for a short "fun run."

It was 14 degrees today as we headed out for a blustery ride

We're down a dog, and we had to break trail, so it was rough slogging. But soon, we'll have more little feet to pull us along the beautiful wintery landscape. I can't wait to see what these little beauties turn into.

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