Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lucy Update

For those of you who have been following, you know Lucy.

Lucy on day 13, still barely above her weight as a newborn

Her siblings have opened their eyes. Kerouac even decided tonight, at two weeks of age, he wanted to try some canned puppy food as I was preparing for his mama!

Little Lucy is still so small.

Lucy draped across her siblings, Bolt and Kerouac

But I think we may have turned a corner for this little fighter.

On a fluke, I decided to try feeding her with a medicine dropper. I had been supplementing her nursing from mama with a bottle and goat's milk, but she was not growing at all, still holding at her birth weight: 11.5 ounces.

Well, the medicine dropper worked like a charm!

The first time I tried it, she gulped down 21 ml, then 24, then 30 ml! She has gained 2.5 ounces in two days and looks content and, dare I say, comfortable, for the first time in her short two week life.

I am hopeful. She sure is a little fighter.


  1. How heartwarming you're helping Lucy fight for her place. What a big heart you and the little dog have!

  2. Hey lovely! I had to feed both of my rescued cats like this. There's actually a high calorie formula sold at petstores that is good to feed them. I guarantee she'll put on weight like a champ! I was always a sucker for runts. So cute. I hope things keep looking up for her!


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