Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ten days old today!

Jack and his soon-to-be teammate, the aptly named Kerouac, met today

They wag their tails, bark and growl in their sleep, and yet, they're only 10 days old. Their eyes aren't even open yet, but they're exhibiting all the signs of dogginess.

Little toes line up to be tickled. It's true: I'm obsessed with their little feet - the feet of future athletes.

I marvel at these tiny, helpless dogs who will soon grow into strong, amazing athletes. They eat voraciously, already hearty and hungry for life.

Kerouac and Ginsberg

Maggie and Emma

They have definitely cheered me up.

Exhilarated from my 2nd place winning in my class this last weekend, I had planned to use my award winnings and enter another race, the Kalkaska Winterfest Sled Dog Race

But I've had this horrendous cough for over a month. And, over the last few days, I've noticed this sharp pain in my lower left rib.

Undaunted, I was able to muddle through the pain and race this weekend. But yesterday, while cleaning the whelping room, I felt (and heard) something POP in this same lower left rib. I fell immediately to my knees in excruciating pain. In tears and barely able to speak, Sophie, my daughter, called 911. Within minutes, paramedics arrived. Several x-rays and vicodin later, the ER doctor at the hospital said I tore the fascia, the linen-like tissue that connects muscle to bone, from the tiny muscles between my left lower ribs.... from COUGHING!

He sent me home with prescription pain meds and an albuterol inhaler. Apparently the coughing is asthma.

As I was discharged from my lengthy hospital stay this past September, I was told there would be residual scarring on my lungs from the atelectisis and other issues I had with my breathing, and that my lung capacity would possibly be compromised for awhile.

And, so it is. I'm back in bed, recovering.

But at least I have puppies to keep me company :0)

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