Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let sleeping puppies lie

Outside, snow piles up, no longer measured in inches here but feet. Sound waves slow. (to find out scientifically how, click here). The ground sparkles. It's 21 degrees out.

But in the whelping room, it's a balmy 75 degrees and cozy. Tiny bodies sleep haphazardly, however they land: across each other, upside down, twitching quietly in their sleep.

There's lots of activity in the whelping room tonight. Kerouac barked in his sleep, at 5 days old. Annie managed to climb out of the whelping crate already! And Lucy has been nursing like a champ next to the others consistently all day long.

Lucy sacked out with her siblings, Annie and Emma after a vigorous nursing session. Notice her size compared to the others

I am hoping all remains peaceful in the whelping room tonight - that I may finally get some sleep.

Sleep in Heavenly peace, from the Lazy Husky Nursery.

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